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Closing percentage

Determining your closing percentage, which refers to the ratio of leads converted into customers, is crucial for enhancing sales effectiveness, projecting revenue, and recognizing opportunities for refining your sales approach. This information can help you make informed decisions to optimize your sales performance and achieve your business goals.

Call/Email effectiveness

Knowing your call/email effectiveness (i.e., the rate at which your calls/emails result in meaningful interactions or conversions) is crucial for improving communication with prospects and customers, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving revenue growth.

Prospecting success rate

Maximize revenue and lead quality by tracking your prospecting success rate - the rate at which you convert cold leads to qualified leads. Refine your sales strategy and focus on the most effective lead generation techniques to achieve your goals.

General income per sale

Determining your general income per sale is crucial for gaining a deeper understanding of your business's revenue potential, setting effective pricing strategies, identifying your high-value customers, and maximizing your profitability. By using this information, you can make informed decisions to optimize your business growth and achieve your financial objectives.

About Quota Setter

What is Quota Setter?

Quota Setter is an online application designed to simplify complex sales calculations. With just a few clicks, you can determine the number of sales actions required to achieve your income goal. Whether you sell through calls, emails, or in-person meetings, Quota Setter provides reliable targets for your sales activities. This tool is invaluable for salespeople who need to plan ahead and take action daily with certainty. With Quota Setter, you can achieve your monthly income target with ease.

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Simplify Your Sales Process with an Easy-to-Use Interface

Quota Setter offers an intuitive interface that simplifies your sales activity, enabling you to quickly access reliable targets and achieve your income goals with ease.

Reliable Sales Target

Achieve your income goals and take sales action with ease by getting reliable targets for your sales actions quickly and easily with this online application.

Streamlined Sales Activity

Save time and streamline your sales activity with our CRM solution! This application that reduces manual calculations and administrative tasks.

Future Sales Features

Discover the additional features that will be available in the future to empower salespeople and improve their performance.

Why Us?

Quota Setter

You have heard that sales is a numbers game. But what are those numbers? ‘Quota Setter’ is here to tell you that!

How does Quota Setter work?

Using Quota Setter is easy. Simply enter a few data points from last month’s production, and the application will generate sales targets for the current month based on your income goal and your sales averages. Sales targets like number of emails, calls, interviews, closes you have to generate to achieve your income goal. The system breaks down these targets into daily and weekly goals, allowing you to focus on achieving your monthly target one day at a time. This level of specificity and direction is essential for salespeople who want to achieve their income goals with confidence and ease.

Quota Setter - Who is it for?

Quota Setter is designed for salespeople by a salesperson who wants to take control of their sales activities and achieve their income goals. If you’re tired of vague sales targets and the need for direction from management, Quota Setter is the solution you need. This tool provides you with reliable sales targets, allowing you to plan ahead and take daily sales actions with confidence. Quota Setter is an invaluable tool for salespeople who are serious about achieving their income goals.

What problem does the Quota Setter solve?

One of the biggest challenges salespeople face is the need to perform administrative tasks and calculations. These tasks take time away from selling and can be frustrating for sales reps who thrive on action and excitement. With Quota Setter, you can quickly determine your averages in your sales activities as well as the number of calls, prospecting emails, and sales interviews needed to achieve your income goal. This tool provides salespeople with a clear direction, eliminating the frustration and guesswork that can come with sales planning.

Why take action now with Quota Setter?

For early subscribers, Quota Setter subscription costs as little as a coffee per month, and this offer is permanent. Prices will never increase for early subscribers, even when the whole software will release officially. By subscribing now, you can take advantage of this offer and get access to a valuable sales tool at an unbeatable price. With Quota Setter, you can achieve your income goals with ease, so don’t wait any longer to take control of your sales activities.

What to expect from the future of Quota Setter?

The future of Quota Setter is bright, with several new features and upgrades in the pipeline. These include a fully integrated CRM designed specifically for sales activities, a team manager plugin for tracking and setting sales targets for your staff, a marketing manager plugin for tracking advertising performance, automations and more. These features will make it even easier for salespeople to achieve their income goals and take control of their sales activities. With Quota Setter, you can expect continuous improvement and innovation to help you stay ahead of the competition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You have heard that sales is a numbers game. But what are those numbers? Quota Setter is here to tell you that! – the professional sales tool for individuals and teams

I don’t know that exactly yet. But less tailor made similar softwares go from 50 to hundreds of USD a month. And none is doing what Quota Setter does. Of course I want Quota Setter to stay viable and to grow in every aspect, including financial as well. But at the same time I want to help people with it and offer it as an affordable solution. So when it comes to pricing I will take into account the general market, and I will attempt to beat the market both in pricing and offered value.

Right now, no. But there will be a platform for all customers where they can leave feedback, feature requests, advice, corrections, bug reports and questions. Your communication is guaranteed to be read, heard and understood. Depending on the communication we will reach out to get more data or to let you know we got your message.

I think an experienced sales professional can make most of these calculations by himself in about 30-60 minutes each time using a simple calculator.
Amateur and new sales reps are likely to have some difficulties in knowing what to track and how to calculate. In addition to that, we dived really deep to display proper sales stats for you. And trust me, getting those numbers were not simple. Even we had to stop from time to time scratching our heads and figure out how to implement the logic used in the calculations.

While I first created the application for individuals I couldn’t help it and had to think about the long distance potential of Quota Setter. And in the long run, it will be inevitable that eventually big corporations and huge teams will become part of the customer group. When that happens, having functions only for individuals will not be enough to satisfy every one.
But at the same time, even the biggest teams are made up of individuals. So Quota Setter will have both individual and team tailored functions side by side with none of the other customer type being excluded or discriminated against.

I was sitting with a friend. And for the third time over the spam of several months I am trying to get my friend to figure out how much he needs to sell to keep his business afloat. The logic I was trying to get him to apply was to start from the end, not from the beginning.
“Figure out how much you need to earn. Based on average value per sales, how much you need to sell? Based on average closing percentage, how many interviews you need to have? Based on average promotion fliers distributed per interview, how many promo fliers do you need to distribute? Now start with the last item (fliers) and work on that first, then work on the next item (interviews) and so on.”
Then I thought, wouldn’t life be simpler if there would be a calculator that would do this for people instead of needing me to sit next to them each and every time for 1-3 hours at a time?
So I went into creating this application, and on the way I added and expanded the logic to be more inclusive and specific.

Generally speaking, you will need data from your last month’s production. The system uses last month’s number of calls, interviews, earned income, sales generated etc. To calculate the upcoming month’s targets based on those recent performance your averages (meaning you skills or success rate in each individual activity). But we have an option for new sales reps as well, where no previous month data is needed. Allowing you to start using Quota Setter straight up without any previous production record.

While Quota Setter will not be able to guarantee that 10 sales interviews will 100% result in 8 closes for you, it can get quite close. We use your recent averages to get a very close estimate. For example if your last month’s closing percentage is 80%, we can more or less estimate that 10 sales interviews will result in 8 closes for you. While it’s not guaranteed, nothing in life is. But at least we approach your sales activity scientifically with numbers and averages, which will give you more control even with a few percentage error rate in your quota. If you really believe in your bad luck, it’s generally a safe advice to always aim for more than what you need.
After all, if you want to reach the top of the mountain, you should aim to reach the sky.

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