Terms and Conditions


Service Provider. Later on referred to as SQS or Salesquotasetter or supplier

  1. By using our services you agree to this document wholly and fully
  2. We will not transfer your data or give outside companies access to your data
  3. We might access your data in case it is required for development of the platform or to resolve issues with service. We might hire outside service providers to assist in support or development, in which case same rules apply to them.
  4. A login must not be used by several users. One login per user.
  5. We will permanently delete your account and all data stored within it in 6 months after users cancellations
  6. We uphold the right to change the service, terms and conditions and agreements without further notice. These changes will be visible on the terms and conditions page, and it’s the users responsibility to periodically view them. If the user continues to use our platform 30 days after the updated terms and conditions, it means the user agreed to them.
  7. Person signing up must be of 18 years or older, or must have a parent or guardians approval to sign up and use our platform. This responsibility falls to the parent or legal guardian. Otherwise individuals under 18 years of age are not allowed to use or sign up to our platform.
  8. We uphold the right to cancel or modify a users subscription at any time without explanation. A notice will be sent to the individual’s provided email address.
  9. Clients can signup to our free 2 weeks trial, and provide their credit card numbers. Upon the expiry of the first 2 weeks of free trial, we will automatically charge the clients credit card for the first month’s of subscription in full. These charges are final, and it is the client’s responsibility to cancel their subscription before the card is charged.
  10. All transactions are final, and salesquotasetter is not obligated to refund a customer’s transaction.
    However, special cases might create an exemption from this rule.
    Special cases like:
    -Terror attacks
    -Natural disasters
    -Governmental intervention
    -Will of god
    and alike.
  11. Negligence, forgetfulness, being busy, general clumsiness, disorganization and alike is not part of the exemptions listed in point 10.
  12. Salesquotasetter is in no way in any circumstance responsible for a 3rd party dealings. Meaning if a 3rd party was involved in a transaction, data transfer or other type of work made for the customer, salesquotasetter is not liable.
  13. Upon late payments or missing payments quota setter upholds the right to cancel clients account, and delete data withheld in there, without any further obligation or service provided to client.
  14. We uphold the right to refuse service to any individual, organization or group.
  15. Salesquotasetter does not guarantee accuracy of data and service. This is because the logic our service is built on is an educated guess logic.
  16. Salesuotasetter does not promise any result, benefits or improvements to the client’s business, work or otherwise salesactivities.
  17. Storage of data: salesquotasetter will do its best to store client’s data, but company is not liable for damages or loss, or incorrect data. It is entirely the clients responsibility to verify that the data is stored properly in SQS as well as on other storages.
  18. Clients data may be used to improve our services all across the platform.
  19. Salesquotasetter does not promise support or assistance in using the platform or assistance in clients business or personal activities. But salesquotasetter will do its best to provide as much help as reasonably possible with available resources to enable client to get the maximum benefits of salesquotasetter
  20. SalesQuotaSetter might make additional services and features available within the platform, which might come with additional or different terms and conditions.
  21. Hereby by signing up to our platform, client willingfully hands over data which he/she/it provides and agrees for this data to be processes and or used to contact client with updates and or other relevant subjects, deliver services or improve said services.
  22. Once client discontinues his/her/its subscription, client’s data will be deleted 6 months after the discontinuation of subscription. Client may still be contacted by our company.
  23. Users in any means are not permitted to use SQS as part of any illegal activity.
  24. Users are not permitted to use SQS to reverse engineer, duplicate, copy, distribute, hack, adapt, modify, create derivative works of from or about SQS, the platform of SQS, the services of SQS and the means or way services are being delivered this includes the the whole concept and parts of it unless it is expressly allowed by applicable law.
  25. Once client signs up or enters his/her details and continues to the sign up page, the individual agrees to be contacted through the given contact information, unless requested otherwise on support@salesquotasetter.com
  26. SQS Materials are protected by copyright, trade dress, patent, trade secrets, and trademark laws, international conventions and treaties, and all other relevant intellectual property and proprietary rights laws. Your use of the SQS Services and SQS Materials, and any parts or elements does not grant to you any ownership right or intellectual property rights therein. Any commercial or promotional distribution, publishing or exploitation of the SQS Materials is strictly prohibited unless you have received the express prior written permission from SQS or the otherwise applicable rights holder. SQS reserves all rights to the SQS Services, SQS Materials and SQS trade names and trademarks not expressly granted in the Terms.
  27. You agree to not reproduce any material in full or partially within SQS, you may take digital pictures of physical pictures for personal use only. And may not distribute these in any means, forms or way. You acknowledge that any digital or physical pictures of SQS belong to SQS and it’s the rightful owner.
  28. Supplier may use Client Data in an aggregated or anonymized format for research, educational and other similar purposes. Supplier may not otherwise use or display Client Data unmodified, and in a way that it is directly traceable back to the client without Client’s written consent.
  29. SQS may reference and or provide link to other sites. These sites might or might not be directly connected to SQS and use of these sites are at a users own discretion and risk.
  30. SQS’ subscription is offered as itself which gives access to the platform. With no additional services guaranteed or promised. Meaning the platform and or SQS is not enforced and or liable to provide a specific type of service, or include a specific type of function. The functions provided with access to the platform are considered bonuses or goodwill additional free functions. User explicitly agrees he is subscribing, and paying for access to the platform and nothing more.
  31. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Supplier and its affiliates, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents, from any claims, losses, damages, liabilities, including attorney’s fees, arising out of your use or misuse of the SQS Services
  32. You agree that the rates you accept for the subscription is temporary and is applicable for the given month only. And if rates go up or down, that is within your expectation when signing up and when continuing your subscription. If you disagree, you agree to cancel your subscription before the higher or lower rates charged to your card. SQS will notify user through email at least 30 days advance notice. It is the user’s responsibility to make sure that the registered email address is working and is being checked for such notices (in all incoming email folders) and if the email is no longer working or being used, than user shall immediately update email contact data within SQS’s account settings.
  33. User will not held SQS liable for deletion, corruption or failure to store client’s data within the platform. Any disclosure, loss or unauthorized use of the login credentials of Client or any authorized User due to Client’s failure to keep them confidential. Upgrading or downgrading the current Plan. Non functioning services on mobile or other devices, as SQS is designed to function on laptops or desktop computers.
  34. Termination of these agreements takes place 30 days after client cancellation of his subscription. These agreements are applicable from subscription and until cancellation, and may not expire or change afterwards indefinitely.

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