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Hey there ! Let me ask you something , would you also like to personalize each of your page to your audience? You see, names have power. We are programmed since birth to pay attention whenever our names is mentioned . My name is Adam, so anytime you mention my name , I will pay attention. I came up with this little code that allows you to address your subscribers, website visitors or even strangers by their firstname as soon as they subscribe to your newsletter, send a contact form, or even enter the website through a popup which asks some details from them. You see , it’s unique and valuable, because effective marketing and sales is at the end of the day effective personalization, to which the prospect can relate to. What better thing to relate to then someone’s own personal name? That is the most tailor made you can be. It can make the whole page sound like a personal letter that you wrote personally to them! You can see that this name insert code works, even after you refresh the page, or go to a new page like this one here: So here is what I can deliver: -When some one uses any type of input form (contact form, popup, login or subscirption) the browser will remember that input and save it for future use (placing his/her name within the texts of your pages) -Conditional logic, if the user doesnt give his/her name, the browser will showcase neutral text (not addressing them by name, but still perfectly readable and fine) -If the user have already given his/her name and the browser saved it, the system wont ask again for the name (until the name is kept saved on the user’s browser).

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