Getting a free coupon to advertise on LinkedIn

LinkedIn might not be the cheapest place to advertise.

But it will nevertheless be the best option for businesses looking to target other businesses and decision makers.

That is why I would like to write this small little advice for you. It might work, it might not. But it worth a shot.

This advice is also great for those who are looking to try out LinkedIn, hopefully this will help you make a good decision for choosing an advertising place

Money bag, for sales people

A little bit of history (if you are uninterested in this, just skip down to Option 1 and 2).

I am a sales professional. But I had the chance to work both as a sales representative and support at an online software service provider for 2 years. During this time, I learned just how much power and freedom we have as support staff. 

We can delete accounts, limit accounts, give free service, credits and much much more.

We often have direct lines to upper management (if its a smaller company) and we are basically “god” as in regards to the software. 

I have been thaught to handle most things my self, and only inform my higher ups on issues that would require executive intervention. Meaning if I see that an angry customer would calm down if I give a month or two for free from our software, than I should do it. If I wanted to create a free account for myself, sure no problem. 

If I want to give more access to services to a friend or family of mine = no problem!


I guess that is a privilege. 


Anyways, I know that if giving some free credits or additional service to a customer would create a good impression on our company, I should do it without a second thought.



How to get free advertising credits on LinkedIn?


Option 1: 

Create a business account on LinkedIn, and make sure you accept promotional emails for them. From time to time they will email you and in that email they will provide a coupon code for advertising credits:)


Option 2: 

Write to their support. In my case, I wrote to their support. I was really nice. I told them that I am a new advertiser on their platform and if they  would be so kind as to maybe give me some credit to try out advertisement on their platform. And surely their support credited me 100 USD within minutes!:)


This approach will likely work with other platforms as well. Nothing says a company cant give discounts or free coupons or other benefits if it means keeping a customer happy (like with certain softwares when you decide to cancel they suddenly offer 30-50% off for several months that they otherwise wouldnt)


Hope this helps! 

Good luck

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