Interesting fact about advertising.

Being exposed to lots of ads, so much so that its not working anymore

Did you know that according to some research, we have reached the maximum ammount of advertising?


Nowadays every online platform is selling ad spots.


And nowadays every company that want to matter is buying these ad spots.


All so they can expose their brands to more eyeballs. 


All so their “brand awareness” can increase. But another reasearch actually showed that exposing people to your message 1 or 2 times during a youtube video viewing can be beneficial. And those who were already inclined to buy your product, would go ahead and buy your product.


But showing your add 5-6 or more times during a video viewing can actually decrease the likelihood of your prospects buying your product.

As people found your brand always popping up during an entertainment consumption as “annoying”. Therefore decreasing the effectiveness of your ads, if not outright ruining your chances at a potential sale.


I believe as the world is moving towards more and more ad exposure and hard sales, there will be a time when sales will be transformed completely. 

In most countries in Europe, sales professionals are already choosing consultative approach instead of hard selling approaches.


This was written for your awereness, thank you for reading!:)



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