How to Forecast Future Sales Based on Previous Month’s Sales Activities

forecasting sales

In the ever-evolving world of sales, accurate sales forecasting is a game-changer.

By leveraging the data from previous month’s sales activities, you can make informed predictions about future sales and take proactive steps to achieve your sales commission goals.

In this blog post, we will explore the importance of forecasting, the key sales activities to consider, and a step-by-step process to forecast future sales based on historical data.

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1. The Importance of Sales Forecasting:

Sales forecasting is crucial for businesses to effectively allocate resources, set achievable targets, and make informed decisions. Here are some reasons why sales forecasting matters:

Resource Planning: Accurate sales forecasts help you allocate resources efficiently, such as staffing, inventory, and marketing efforts. By anticipating future demand, you can avoid shortages or excesses, optimizing your operations.

Goal Setting: Sales forecasting enables you to set realistic sales goals for your team. It provides a benchmark against which you can measure performance and adjust strategies as needed.

Financial Planning: Forecasting future sales allows you to project revenue and plan your budget accordingly. It provides insights into your cash flow, profitability, and investment opportunities.

2. Key Sales Activities to Consider for Forecasting:

When forecasting future sales based on previous month’s records, consider the following key sales activities:

Total Sales Revenue: Analyze the total revenue generated in the previous month. This will serve as the foundation for your sales forecast.

Lead Generation Activities: Review the number of leads generated, including website traffic, social media engagement, and marketing campaigns. The quality and quantity of leads influence future sales opportunities.

Sales Activities: Evaluate the number of sales calls, meetings, demos, and presentations conducted by your team. These activities indicate the level of engagement and progress in your sales pipeline.

Conversion Rates: Assess the conversion rates at different stages of your sales process, such as lead-to-opportunity, opportunity-to-closure, and closure-to-win. This helps you understand the likelihood of converting leads into customers.

3. Follow this guide to accurately set your future sales target and forecast

  • Take collect last month’s sales activity data. This includes emails, prospects, calls, meetings, closes and revenue generated.

  • Now calculate conversions. It is advised to go from the end in to the beginning of a sales cycle.

    Meaning, take revenue generated, and divide that value with number of closes.

    This gives you the average value of closes.Then proceed to divide sales interviews with number of closes.

    The result value is the number of interviews it takes to get a close.

    Then proceed to divide prospecting calls&emails with number of interviews.

    The result value is the number of prospective actions required per sales interview.

    You can also take number of prospects and divide with revenue generated, this gives the value of each prospect per average. 

  • Now, decide how much revenue you wish to generate this month. This is your target.

  • Now with a target, you can estimate the sales actions required to achieve this target based on your conversions and averages which we just calculated. 

4. Leverage for Accurate Sales Forecasting:

To streamline your sales forecasting process and gain actionable insights, consider using, a comprehensive sales quota setter application.

With its advanced analytics and reporting features, allows you to track, plan, and set quotas effectively.

By leveraging its breakdowns and analytics of your sales performance, you can make more accurate sales forecasts and get a roadmap to achieving your dream sales commission goals.


Forecasting future sales based on previous month’s sales activities is an invaluable practice for sales success.

By analyzing key sales activities and using data-driven insights, you can make informed predictions and take proactive steps to achieve your sales commission goals.

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